Saturday, April 9, 2011

Our Dreadlock journey

As many of you have seen, Brooklyn and I finally did our dreadlocks last Thursday. I had been wanting to dread my hair for over a year now.  I had dreads when Peace was born and I loved them so much but after a couple months I took them out. I am not sure why but seemed right at the time I guess. This  past year  I have had a lot of things going on and just never got around to it.

 Brooklyn's 2 new baby dreads

Brooklyn has wild woman hair. It will dread up in one nights sleep.Mine is the same but doesn't get as gnarly like hers. She has never really liked me combing her hair either it has always been some sort of struggle and many times she has just cut her own hair so it doesn't have to be combed by "mom".

Brooklyn's so happy to have her dreads like mama.

So  for myself I just haven't felt right with long plain hair. I have always had something funky going on with it and with this thin straight hair I could never really find anything to do with it. I mean really other than curl it or braid it nothing seemed to fit. I usually ended putting it up and occasionally wearing it down.

 My dreads two days old

So last Wednesday I added a couple dreads to my hair and instantly fell in love with them again. Yay!! I was so excited . Brooklyn instantly was drawn to them. I could tell she loved them. After explaining to her what they were she immediately said "Mama can you please do that to my hair." I told her that dreads are a journey and they take time but she persisted and as a mama who feels that her children can make their own decisions about their hair I said okay.

 Brooklyn's dreads three days old...She loves adding all the cool colors!

So we are starting this journey together. Brooklyn started out with two dreads and now she has four. I have needle felted some cool colors into her and mine.  Today I am going to add a bunch more personally I think they look awesome on her. I have five dreads now maybe if I get a chance will add some new ones to my hair as well. I guess we will have to see how that goes.

 Dreads seem to fit me. I am not sure why they just really compliment my personality.  I feel like myself and it makes me feel so happy inside.

So we are going to start a journal here each week about how our dreads are doing, what we like about them and keep you updated on how things progress.

What journeys have your taken? How have they changed you?


  1. I love your dreads! I've always wanted some, but I think I love my very short hair too much.

  2. I think they suit you, remind me of my hippie "India" travel days! Enjoy them.

    Thank you for leaving a sweet message on my blog.

  3. Thanks so much the both of you! @earthboysblog You are welcome I love finding new blogs and was thrilled to stumble upon yours...

  4. @Heather ...what do you miss the most about them? Was there a reason you got rid of them?

  5. i have the opposite - thick and curly hair - but it also naturally knots and dreads if left uncombed and i have tamed my desire to dread my entire head for years. i just chopped it off but i think the next thing i do will be to get on a dread journey myself. finally. oh, and i love the colored bits of felt you put in ;)

  6. Thanks awesome mama! Sounds like the perfect hair for far our journey has started out great. I added some more dreads to Brooklyn's hair (will be posting an update tomorrow)...


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