Thursday, September 12, 2019

Finding what's hidden within

It is that time of year again where our family starts to hunker down, prepare for the cooler months to come in. This is also the time of year where we gather our harvest and we begin the going within time. 

When we go within and look deeply at what we have harvested from our intentions, we can see the areas of our growth and places where we may need more tending. 

This is also the time of year where we prepare for Mabon or Alban Elfed ( in Druidry) it is known as being the balance point of the year. It marks the balance of day and night before the darkness takes over the summer light. It is the time of the second harvest. Where we can look at all the abundance we have in our lives and also look closely within ourselves. 

This Friday the 13th is the full harvest moon. The soft light of the moon allows people, if the wish, to examine the hidden parts of themselves. While it may be too frightening to look at what you may have suppressed during the full light of the day, it is not as frightening to begin quietly to look at it during the soft light of the night. It is often those unexamined parts of our being that often control people. If we choose to have the courage to find out what lies hidden within us, we gain much greater knowledge of the hidden parts of nature and of our own society. 

When you examine the shadowy side of your life and we are under the influence of a powerful full moon it is important to not fight change or the desire for self-reflection. The more you strive to keep things hidden from yourself the stronger they will become. It is people who refuse to look at the shadow part of their being who often do terrible things. People who know what lies within them are much less likely to unthinkingly allow these thoughts or feelings to come out at some point in the future. 

Although everyone fears change and what it can bring, it is very much a fact of life. If you can use the influence of the moon to explore change and how you respond to it then you learn how to flow with these times and how to grow fro these times. When you learn to accept the fact that your life will go through many times of metamorphosis, you can use transition in a much more positive way: to experiment with new ways of doing things and new ways of thinking and feeling, both about yourself and what you consider to be sacred in your life. 

Below is a Self-Actualization survey that you can do to help you pinpoint areas that are hidden within you and shine some light onto them.

Respond to each statement below according to a scale from 0-5. Allow your response to come from your first intuitive sense of where you are at today. Markdown the number according to the range below.


1. I respond to new situations enthusiastically. 

2. I balance my physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual needs. 

3. I am comfortable with confrontation.

4. I eat properly and nutritiously. 

5. I respond to my hurt with gentleness

6. I have creative outlets.

7. I have compassion for others. 

8. I feel secure. 

9. I notice and work with synchronicity. 

10. I listen to my anger and communicate its message appropriately.

11. I am reconciled to the knowledge that my life will come to an end.

12. I know how to discern between safe and unsafe people.

13. I speak my truth with integrity. 

14. I allow experiences of awe and wonder. 

15. I am comfortable with solitude. 

16. I embrace my sexuality. 

17. I recognize there are mysteries that I can not know in this life.

18. I value dreams and vision. 

19. I am confident in my ability to plan and manifest. 

20. I know my worth and value. 

21. I own my choices.

22. I know I am more than my job.

23. I release which no longer serves me.

24. I have a supportive network of friends.

25. I honor the teachings of my elders, my heritage, and my ancestors.

26. I know my path is not everyone's path.

27. I am open to love.

28. I listen to my intuition.

29. I communicate with others whether they are able to hear me or not. 

30.  I recognize that my fear is information to be explored, rather than an absolute message to stop. 

31. I am actively fulfilling what I feel to be my purpose in this life. 

32. I grow from all my relationships.

33. I embrace the full range of emotions.

34. I establish appropriate boundaries and know how to say no. 

35. I take time to connect with the divine.

36. I celebrate my accomplishments. 

37. I know what strengths I contain within that will carry me through any of life's challenges. 

38. I am open to the transcendent.

39. I know my expression in the world is important. 

40. My connection to the world and to others is important to me. 

Scoring: Total the numbers for all of your answers to see which process phase you most reflect at this time. 

Below 80- 
There is a benefit to focusing on continued inner work.

Between 81-120
Some self-understanding has begun to bear fruit. 

Between 121-159
With much inner work accomplished, some further releasing could be of benefit. 

Between 160-200
You reflect self-actualization and the integration of your human/spirit self. 

Many blessings of reflection, finding the areas of inner darkness and be open to embracing change. 

/l\ Lillith 

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Another little starting preschool

 The day was easy and relaxed for a first day of preschool. We want to settle into our rhythm. My daughter Sevi was very excited to begin. She has seen her sisters and Brother go to school and I think she is secretly longing for it too. We started our day out making herbal tea, painting rocks , learning how to set our table and the begining of our daily verses.

Sevi helped me prepare our lunch. Helping me to peel the carrots and potatoes for our bone broth soup.

Then we finished our day waxing and polishing our wooden bowls so they would be ready for the start of the year.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Counting down to Yule

he Winter Solstice, also known as Yule, is the shortest day of the year and the longest night.  Scientifically, this is fascinating, as every day after this gets longer!  In many Earth based cultures, this important event represents the rebirth of the Sun, and the coming life that will follow in its wake.  Who wouldn't want to celebrate this wonderful event?

In our home, we honor this magical day by counting down the days until Yule, starting December 1st.  On each one of those days, we do one of the activities listed below, and on Yule, we listen to the story of the Yule Fairies.  We are happy to share our activities with you and hope that you enjoy them as much as we do!

Learn some new Holiday songs or sing some old favorites
Write a letter to the Oak King telling him your hope and dreams
Bring some extra non perishable goods to a local Food pantry
Donate gifts to a child in need
Make Yule suns
Go bird watching
Make small gift boxes out of recycled holiday cards
Watch a holiday movie
Start an indoor herb garden
Make a set of Runes
Meditate out in the forest
Bake cookies together
Make beeswax candles
Make some special treats for the birds
Cook your favorite family meal together
Go ice skating
Play a family game
Unwrap new pajamas
Go see the sunrise

Monday, August 17, 2015

A Bit of Magic

 Cross your middle fingers
Stand upon your toes.
That's a bit of magic,
Not everybody knows.

If you see a fairy,
Do not make a noise;
Fairies are suspicious,
Of little girls and boys.

Look! the magic's working!
Hiding in the grass,
Can't you see a Fairy?
Did you see her pass?

All among the bushes
Blackberries are ripe-
Looking another fairy,
Playing on a pipe!

Here's a little goblin
 Lying fast asleep;
Blackberries he's gathered-
Left them in a heap.

See the tiny fairies
Stealing from his pile?
Won't there be some trouble 
In a little while.

There's a little fairy
Whisp'ring in the trees,
Fairies in the hedges,
Fairies in the trees.

They are all around us,
but we couldn't see,
Till we tried the magic
made by you and me. 

written by Margaret Tarrant
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