Saturday, April 18, 2009

Helping mama in the Kitchen and more fun Daily Verses

Here are some of our favorites:

Before I jump into my bed,
Before I dim the light,
I put my shoes together,
So they can talk at night.
I'm sure they would be lonesome,
If I tossed one here and there,
So I put them close together,
For they're a friendly pair.

* * * * * * *
There are many things that I can do;
I can comb my hair and lace my she,
I can wash my hands and wash my face,
I can put my toys and blocks in place. 

* * * * * * *
After my bath, I try, try, try
To wipe myself until I'm dry, dry, dry
Hands to wipe, and fingers and toes,
And two wet legs and a shiny nose.
Just think, how much less time I'd take,
If I were a dog, and could shake, shake, shake.

* * * * * * *
Brave and true I will be,
Each good deed sets me free,
Each kind word makes me strong.
I will fight for the right
I will conquer the wrong.

* * * * * * *
When the sun lights up the sky
I sit right up and rub my eye
I dress myself with greatest care
I brush my teeth and comb my hair
Then off to story time I go
To hear the stories that I love so
* * * * * * *

Tick, the clock says; tick, tick, tick,
What you have to do, do quick!
Time is gliding fast away,
Let us work and work today.

* * * * * * *
Tick, tick, tick goes the hand of the clock.
A second, a minute, an hour and a day,
Tick, tick, tick - so goes today and tomorrow:
'Now' becomes a ‘sometime ago’,
and when tomorrow swiftly passes away,
sad to say, many are always in an aftershock.

You will never find time for anything.
The clock just runs too fast, waiting for no one.
You must make time if you want to use it.
Don’t waste it if you want some left as credit.
Time flies. Now is the time for an action.
Its ‘now or never’, the time to make the cling.

You can always find time for what you want to do.
Who says that with a will, there is no way?
The easiest time to find is time for your own benefit.
The hardest is the time one for another to commit.
The door of time is wide and agape.
When it would close, it won’t give you a clue.

There is a time for everything, so the Holy writ says;
A time to cry or laugh, a time to stand or sit.
A time for talk or quiet , a time to sleep or be awake.
A time to build or destroy, a time for health or an ache.
A time to sow or reap, a time for loss or profit.
On this road to of life, there are many times, many ways.

Do one thing at a time, do it as if tomorrow won’t dawn.
Make the most of all that comes, and the least of all that goes.
The past has no use. When it goes, it does not return.
Just an advice: don’t dwell on it.It is a no good court adjourn.
The best you have is now. Don’t waste your life’s arrows
If you do, many things will bid you ‘bye’ anon.

Tick, tick, tick, so goes the hand of the clock,
It has taken a minute or two to read my poem.
Maybe you have learnt something, maybe not,
Its your choice, I have my own cup of tea that's so hot,
I can't help you manage your time even if I write an anthem.
Help yourself for tick, tick, tick goes the hands of the clock.

* * * * * * *
When I get up in the morning
I'll tell you what I do,
I wash my hands and I wash my face,
Splishity-splash, splishity-splash.
I clean my teeth 'til they're shiny white,
Scrubbity-scrub, scrubbity-scrub,
Then I put on my clothes and brush my hair,
And I runnity-run, I run downstairs.

* * * * * * *

I help my mother.
I sweep the floor.
I dust the table.
I run to the store.
I help her beat the eggs.
And sift flour for cake.
Then I help her eat
All the good things she makes.

* * * * * * *

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