Saturday, April 18, 2009

Number verse!

Verse for Introducing Number Qualities:
All together we are class ONE
See, the whole wide world is one
And the brightly shining sun
Sheds its light on everyone.
All alone I stand as one
And my heart shall be a sun.
You and I, we are TWO
And many things together do.
On two feet we walk and stand
With two eyes we view the land.
Two ears to hear what wise men tell
Two hands with which to do things well.
Father, mother and child are THREE
And make one happy family.
As head and heart and limbs so strong
Make one good man who'll do no wrong.
Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring
FOUR different seasons to us bring.
From East and West, and South and North
The brother winds come blowing forth.
We make FIVE with our head
And our arms and legs outspread.
Now we are most like a star,
Shining brightly from afar.
We find SIX in all that is around
See, sparkling crystals in the ground
The honeycomb made by the bee,
Six-petalled flowers we also see.
The shining rainbow shows us SEVEN
As it stretches down from Heaven,
And the week has seven days
Taking us on different ways.
Wriggling spiders on EIGHT legs crawl
Spinning webs on every wall.
Octopus has eight legs too,
Four times as many legs as you.
NINE is a mystery hidden away
A secret to be revealed one day.
TEN fingers have we on our two hands.
Ten toes, as on two feet we stand.
For ten contains within two fives
Which we'll remember all our lives.

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