Saturday, April 18, 2009

Basic Waldorf Curriculum Outline

Grade One: Basic Math Processes, Folk and Fairy Tales, Form Drawing, Nature Stories, Pentatonic Flute, Reading through Writing, Weaving and Knitting

Grade Two: Math Concepts, Multicultural Legends and Animal Fables, Stories of Saintly People, Cursive Writing, Form Drawing, Crocheting, Pentatonic Flute

Grade Three: Fractions, Higher Multiplication, Weights and Measures, Stories of the Jewish Bible/Old Testament, Creation Stories, Composition and Grammar, Farming, Clothing and Textile Crafts, House Building, Reading Music, Diatonic Flute

Grade Four: Fractions and Decimals, Local Geography, Native American Studies, Norse Mythology, Regional History, Zoology, Musical Composition, Violin/String Instruments

Grade Five: Decimals, Agriculture and Economics Zoology, Classics, Persian, Indian, and Egyptian history, Greek History, Literature, Sentence Structure, Botany, North American Geography, Knitting/Textile Arts, Woodworking

Grade Six: Astronomy, World Geography, Medieval History, Mineralogy, Latin, Physics, Plane and Constructive Geometry, Roman History

Here is a great article on Main lesson block teaching in waldorf school

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