Saturday, April 18, 2009

The beautiful Nature table....

What is a Nature Table?

"Seasonal nature tables are an invaluable way of making young children aware of the changing cycle of the year."

"Young children do not grasp nature intellectually, but unconsciously accept its laws. When we bring the external world indoors, creating a seasonal table in colors and in tableaux without the use of words, children become aware of nature at work in their surroundings." (from the book The Nature Corner: Celebrating the Years Cycle with a Seasonal Table)

A nature table or seasonal table can be whatever you want it to be. Simple or elaborate.

The important aspect is that the child is able to connect with the objects and the scene depicted on the table. Generally, the scene will be related to the current season or an upcoming festival or holiday. The nature table is often the focal point of a Waldorf kindergarten classroom with the scene on the table directly related to the day's activities.

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