Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Importance of Believing in Fairies.

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Fairies. Are they REAL? Fairies have a real importance whether you believe in seeing them, or not. When we experiment with believing in Fairies (make-believe), we explore the unseen world: the subtle world of forces and energies that affect all of us in ways that we are usually unaware of.

Have you ever had a fleeting sense of something? Perhaps you are learning to play an instrument, and you hear yourself suddenly create a quality of sound that is new to you, and wonderful. "How did I do that?" You go back and try to do it again. You try very hard, but no, you can't make it happen. Yet if, as you go on playing, part of you is open to receiving that sound again, it begins to happen more and more often.

Fairies are spoken of in the same way. You may see a Fairy out of the corner of your eye, but if you turn back and look, most likely the Fairy will have disappeared. Fairies are subtle and ungraspable. You cannot MAKE them do anything. But if they want to appear to you, or welcome you into their world . . . it is like grace. It is a gift, like being able to play that beautiful way on your instrument.

So while children are exploring their imaginative world, they are developing the delicate skills of awareness that will enable them to become adults who can do marvelous things: "grasp" intangible thought, perceive the inherent design, express the deepest feeling, understand the source or cause. . . .

Welcome the Fairies into your family's world. Who knows what richness is hidden there.
by Diane Katz © 2002
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  1. Thank you for posting my essay about Make Believe. APPLETTA"S SECRET FAIRY WORLD has a new home and a magical new look!


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