Monday, April 4, 2011

A little taste of Spring and a lot of nature....

I wanted to share with you our Spring Nature table we talked a lot about in this months Mystical Kingdom newsletter..."Wait you haven't signed up yet?" Well just look to the right of the page . Our newsletter is full of Verses and rhymes for the season/month it includes snack recipes, meditations and thoughts for adults. It is a wonderful read for every parent. So sign up over here ------------------------------->

Spring is Here (tune of Are You Sleeping)
I see robins, I see bird's nests,
Butterflies too, flowers too.
Everything is growing,
The wind is gently blowing.
Spring is here, spring is here.

Caterpillar Change
There was a little caterpillar crawling all about. (Walk with fingers on arm)
He worked and he worked without a doubt. (Wiggle fingers)
Wrapping himself in a snug cocoon.(Wrap other hand around fingers)
Waiting and waiting, will it be soon? (hold fingers)
Look, he's coming out, my oh my! (raise arms in excitement)
For now he's become a beautiful butterfly (Cross thumbs and flap hands like wings)

Plant A Little Seed
I plant a little seed in the cold, cold ground (Squat down pretend to plant)
Out comes the yellow sun, big and round (Put arms above head like sun)
Down come the raindrops soft and slowly (dancing fingers)
Up comes the flower grow, grow, grow (jump as flower emerges)

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