Friday, April 22, 2011

Fairy Flowers

Buttercups and Bluebells
and Lady slippers, too.
Are favorite fairy flowers

I'm almost sure it's true.

For somehow they just seem to be
So perfect in their size.
And must be used in lots of ways
By tiny folk so wise.

The yellow buttercups perhaps
Like golden goblets shine,
And all the fairy weddings
The lovely bluebells chime.

And if we could ask the elves
The finest flower to choose,
Undoubtedly their choice would be
The one that grows their shoes.

For these, called Lady slippers,
are velvet soft and neat,
So perfect for the fairies
with their lively dancing feet.

Now children, if you find some
Flower petals on the ground,
Be sure to tiptoe softly, for
There must be elves around!
by Violet Bigelow Rourke

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