Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dear Parents, Friends and Family ...Can you help us?

Recently I had a friend ask me. "How do you find all these cool supplies to make things with?" You must spend a fortune on craft paper etc." Then I told her "Actually a lot of the materials I use are recycled or recycled items  from friends and family." "Really?", was the response I got "All of this is recycled?"

Yes, you can make some of the most beautiful thngs from recycled materials. No need to spend a fortune on expensive craft paper, you don't even need to waste ink printing pictures ! You can start yourself by recycling boxes, magazines, scrap paper, you can create a post on craigslist looking for recycled items , or even check out your local Freecycle and make a post there asking for specific items.

If you are looking for a prefect craft especially with Earth day coming up why not try this. Get some scrap paper together and glue some recycled items on it or have your child draw some cool recycled items on the paper. Then write a letter to friends and family asking them to help you out by collecting recycled items for you .

Here is a Sample letter:

Dear Friends,

Could you please help me? I would love to have a collection of recycled materials to use to make collages and sculptures. Do you think you could save me the following items so I could make crafts with them?
Thanks so much!

Pie tins
paper bags
pine cones
wood scraps
crayon pieces
coffee cans
computer paper
egg cartons
material scraps

You can basically add whatever you like to the list. This is also a lot of fun to do with preschoolers. You can create a special box at home and before throwing things out see if it is something that can be reused first and have them start adding things to the box. You will be surprised at how fast you can fill the box!

Here is a Sculpture we made out of some stones and an old pie tin:

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