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Flower and Earth Children

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Children are so connected to living things in the garden. Below are a few of my absolute favorite flower fairies/children storybooks...
My name is Maginary the Fairy,
My life is joyful and oh, so merry:
If you want to be happy all the day,
Learn about living the fairy way.
We are gentle nature spirits you can trust.
Flowers and wishes bloom because of us.
We have a warm heart that shines so bright,
When you believe in us, you'll see the light.
We are really just tiny versions of you,
But our eyes shimmer with a magical view:
We try to be good, at least most of the time--
If I make a mistake, I admit that it's mine
Next time you hear the wind, listen well:
Soft whispers and secret laughter will tell
That fairy friends and magic are near
To help you with the things you hold dear!
The above taken from Fairy Fun by Marla Schram Schwartz. This is a great little book. It has instruction for projects, games, ways to bring fairies into your life. 

Sprinkle a little fairy dust in your world! These marvelous crafts, fantastic party ideas, wonderful games, and enchanting stories twinkle across the pages ready to delight the young and young at heart. Bring the realm of the fairies into your own home with a series of glittering decorative items: a pretty, soft-bodied doll; a gilded castle, shining brightly; and a sparkling wand so you can cast some spells. Carry your stardust in a velvet and lame bag with a gold cord threaded through. Create a delicate fairytale scene in an old book; a large wish box or a small one with glimmer wings; and picture frames. And, because the fairy magic will catch you, give a very special party. Wear the fairy or wizard outfit that you've stitched up yourself; eat small chocolate star-shaped fairy cakes; and play Fairy Statues and Pin the Star on the Wand. There's so much to make and do! (all in color)

Does your child love the special make-believe magic of Fairyland? If she does--and most do!--Fairy Fun will delight with all kinds of wonderful, creative, and easy fairy crafts and activities. Using simple items found around the house and garden, your child can make fairy dust, a magic wand, fairy wings, and a fairy house. She'll make a pretty flower doll, grow a magic garden, and play with a fantasy sun catcher. She'll learn the best way to make wishes come true, how to do a fairy dance, and how to discover fairies outside. She'll find easy magic tricks, fairy riddles, tongue twisters, lots of fun ideas for playing with friends, and games for fairy parties and sleep-overs. With its wondrous color illustrations and imaginative projects, Fairy Fun will win the heart of every child who knows just how real fairies are.

When Adele finds a tiny letter among the strawberries in her garden, she discovers that there really are fairies living nearby! As she pulls each letter from its hidden place, she learns all about these magical creatures. The storybook will delight every little girl. There is also a special foldout section that includes note cards, envelopes, a pencil, and fairy stars for composing one's own letters to fairies!

Little Fia is the youngest fairy in a family of eight sisters; her sisters have lovely wings, she has none. Fia's seven sisters have compassion for her lack of wings, but they disapprove of her earthly behavior and the animals she has befriended, which are a frog, a rat, and a crow. It's time for the May Dance, and the fairies will be showing off their wings in the reflection of Puffers Pond near Troll's Wood. Fia has reconciled to being left out again. While sharing a new creation with rat, Fia runs into a boy fairy named Kip. He invites her to the dance, and she accepts. Will she be brave enough to follow through? Will the May Dance be safe near Troll's Wood where the wing-collecting Troll lives? Fairy Wings is a creatively written, artistically illustrated tale. The story is memorable, and little Fia, delicate in appearance, is valiant in thought and deed. She is a great role model. Fairy Wings is enjoyable for all ages, including adults. Getting through this 30-page wonder will take longer than you think; each illustration is wonderfully done, and will demand ample attention before you can turn to the next.

Wow! Finally you can have the step-by-step instructions you need to create wonderful ting fairy folk... This lovely book, entitled Fairies: Petal People You Make Yourself Rachel Haab presents Fairies: Petal People You Make Yourself, with a tiny spiral bound guide featuring illustrations, photographs and easy-to-follow instructions for making the wee creatures. A handy craft kit contains all the necessary materials including fake flower petals, colored wire and embroidery floss. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!


  1. Thank you for some good recommendations. I have been wanting to find a few 'unknown' fairy books and will research the ones you list. I love how you value magic and fairies... ditto. I have enjoyed your blog today and will return often. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Great! Please subscribe as I will be posting daily. You can all those wonderful books on Amazon if you click on the title it will bring you right there.

    Peace,Love and Light,


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