Thursday, April 16, 2015

Sending love

If something in your life isn't honoring you, then it simple doesn't deserve a seat at your table. It is healthy to let go. Sherrie Campbell

So what exactly is "honor." How is honor shown? How do others honor us and how do we honor ourselves? I just had to ask myself these questions. We all need to know that we should and can be honored. Heck I personally know there are millions of people out there just waiting to honor someone , worship them and love them.

What does honor mean?

Honor: High respect, esteem. A privilege. To regard someone with great respect. To fulfill an obligation or keep an agreement.

Honoring yourself is the place you must start. If you want to be honored by others in this life, it all starts with you honoring yourself first. Maybe you were never taught how to honor yourself . Don't think that you aren't worthy.

Sometimes when we are in relationships with others, whether personally or professionally, we do not fully honor ourselves when we are trying to gain their attention, respect or in personal relationships; love. We seem to go into a mode of people pleasing, sacrificing and accommodating others needs and wants. Often times, in the process, we are not honoring ourselves.

How to Honor Yourself First:

**Determine what fairness, respect, honesty & integrity mean to you (not others versions, your very own)
**When you are hoping to gain someones interest, whether personally or professionally, determine how you can do so while still honoring yourself
**If you start to feel as though you are not honoring yourself. Look deep inside and investigate.
**When someone is not accepting of you, ask yourself what matters most – you honoring yourself or you doing/saying things that are not honoring you to get them to accept/like/love you
**Ask yourself what you are willing to sacrifice for something or someone (is the sacrifice in alignment with honoring yourself?)

I have realized that when I have been in that place in relationships (personal & professional), I ultimately end up feeling as if I have sold myself out. At some point I see that whether someone likes me, my work or has feelings for me on a personal level, it is not really about the ‘real’ me, rather it is about the me that has accommodated the other persons needs and wants. All simply to be accepted, wanted, liked or loved.

I want others to accept me, want me, love me, like me etc. but not without respecting me. I have concluded that not everyone will want to be in a personal or professional relationship with me. And that is okay. And I do not have to be someone I am not or do things that are not honoring of me to entice others.

I recognize that others can respect me and yet not like me! That is okay too. It is a personal choice about how each of us go about our personal and professional relationships. I choose to honor myself first and foremost.


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