Thursday, October 30, 2014

Landscape project

So over the past week we have been working on gathering samples, looking at top soil and sub soil in our area. Looking at moss with our loop and loving being outdoors . Brooklyn noticed that many of the native trees were Northern red Oak and Maple.

We started by clearing a path and started to dig through the numerous root systems that Brooklyn think are from all the trees that were around us. There were many tiny new trees growing.

The top soil was pretty light in color and easy to dig through

As we dug about a foot or so down the soil turned into a very rich red color and was more clumpy like clay. We figured that this soil must have some lovely iron deposits in it.
Brooklyn had gathered some leaves to press into her main lesson book. Here she has a mixture of Oak and Maple.

Under the leaves there was a lot of moss growing! It was so soft and lush!

We gathered our samples.

Once we were home Brooklyn set to work recreating her place in the fall forest...

The sub soil and the top soil

So far this has been a fun and exciting project so far!!

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