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Beltane Lore 

Beltane is celebrated on May 1st and is based in part on the old Roman festival of Floralia. This festival was dedicated to Flora, the Goddess of Flowers.

Beltane is also the day the Romans honored the Lares, or household and family guardians. Altars were made for the Lares and wreaths were hung in the door ways to honor them.

Lilacs and hawthorns were traditionally brought into the home on May Day. Usually both plants are viewed as ill-luck bringers when brought into the home but on this day the spell is broken.

To guard your home against the magickal powers of Beltane, mark a cross in the hearth ashes with a hazel twig, or carry elder twigs three times around the house, then hang them up inside or place them outside over the door.

Do not give fire or salt away on Beltane. These were considered two of the most valuable things in ancient times and to give them away on this day would be giving away your luck.

One should sleep at home on this night due to the immense amount of magickal powers released at night. It may not be safe to venture from home on this night.

Our Wheel of the year for 2013

The Goddess Flora

Fair Flora! Now attend thy sportful feast, 
Of which some days I with design have past; 
A part in April and a part in May 
Thou claim’st, and both command my tuneful lay; 
And as the confines of two months are thine 
To sing of both the double task be mine. 
Latin poet Ovid Fasti 
 The ancient Roman the festival Floralia begins on 
April 28th and last until May 3rd. The festivities 
are dedicated to the Roman Goddess Flora. She is 
the Goddess of flowers and of Spring. Offerings 
of milk and honey were left in liberation to seek 
protection for the blossoming plants. Participants 
of the festivities dressed in brightly colored clothes 
and flower garlands to imitate the vibrant colors of 

Setting up your Beltane Altar 

The possibilities for your Beltane altar are endless. This time of
your is full of life and new growth so let your imagination take
flight. Below is a list of some things you might consider using for
your altar.
• Baskets full of spring flowers. You can make your own baskets
or use an existing one.
• Branches from the Hawthorn tree ( the May tree) or branches
 and leaves from the Oak tree (sacred to Robin Hood) to form a
 Greenery background.
• Pictures of faery folk or homemade faery dolls.
• Be sure to set out a bowl of milk or cream for the faery folk at night as an offering.

Common Beltane Activities 
There are so many things you can during Beltane/May Day. Do some research to find things
you like, talk to family members and friends to see
what they are doing, or try some of the suggested
projects/crafts below.

1. Make a wreath of flowers and let it float in
moving water as a sacrifice to Mother Earth.
2. Blow bubbles and watch as the wind picks
them up and carries them away. You can even
make a super bubble mixture to add more fun.
3. Since this is one of the three days that the fairies
 can come out make them some furniture out
of the twigs, pine needles, or other medium.
Leave them in places where they would come
in handy. A bed and chair would be great to
4. Camp outside to spend some time with Mother
Nature. While you are there eat natural foods
to connect with her.
5. Make a small fire or use a candle to jump over
to represent you going to a new season or birth
as well. If you have made a fire the next morning go and get one of the slightly burnt twigs
and find it a home on your altar or in your
house to bring good luck to it for the rest of the
6. Make a Beltane recipe then eat it outside and
leave some offerings of your dish for nature.
Be sure that the recipe does not contain ingredients that may be harmful to the critters that
live with nature.
7. Start building your nature shrine. If you already have a shrine now would be a great time
to tidy it up and add some new items to it.
8. If you know anyone that has a wedding or
gives birth during this time be sure and make
them something hand-made using items from
nature or cloth. This is a special time for both
occasions and your gift would add to the importance as well as bring good luck to the couple or baby.

May Flowers 
Weave grass, weeds, or paper together to make a basket or holder a
few days before Beltane. On the eve or morning of Beltane put some
flowers in the homemade basket or holder. The flowers can be picked
or made from paper. Feel free to add a poem or small note explaining
that the flowers are to be put near a window inside the house for as
long as possible to bring good luck to the household.
You will give May flowers to neighbors or any person that you want
to give good luck to. You put the flowers and basket or holder in front
of their door.
The secret is to give the May flowers when no one sees you.

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