Thursday, May 17, 2012

Planting FUN!!!

"How do we understand one another? We understand the meaning of the words we speak, but on a deeper level we really take in the warmth and cold, the gaiety or gravity of anyone who speaks to us. The personal mood or feeling is, however, overlaid by something else, something the moods of sounds and words bring to us. Pop goes the weasel, ... Pussy cat, pussy cat, ... Worra, worra, worra, ... All of us remember being captivated by such sounds. Looking back we realize that it is not a single 's' or 'r' or 'o' that catches our attention, but the repetition, a rhythmic repetition, growing louder and softer, faster and slower, waking us or making us drowsy, bringing laughter or calm..."

~Rudolf Steiner

Children acquire a range of skills when they tend flowers in the a garden. Lessons about weather, soil, wildlife, ecology, and even language engage all five senses in children as they nurture plants they have grown themselves. Share your love of gardening with a child, and give him an opportunity to turn a summer of fun outdoors into a lifelong hobby.

Butterflies and Bumblebees

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Planting flowers that encourage pollinators to visit your garden captivates children and provides an important lesson in ecology. Children can be afraid of bees, but if they’re not allergic to beestings there’s no reason why kids can’t enjoy observing non-aggressive bumblebees and native honeybees filling the pollen baskets on their legs.

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Butterflies are easy to attract with nectar-rich flowers like butterfly bush or ‘Butterfly Blue’ scabiosa. You should also plant host plants like bronze fennel so children can observe the entire life cycle of these garden jewels.

Let's Plant a Dinosaur Garden

If your child marvels at the prehistoric world that dinosaurs once inhabited, you can recreate some of that antediluvian mystery in your own backyard. Plants that thrived during the Jurassic period include ferns, conifers, cycads, and gingkoes. Although the exact species that lived millions of years ago may not be available for cultivation now, the architectural beauty of similar plants may start a learning quest for the budding botany student.

Plant your Child's Name Garden
This is so much fun to do with a child of any age. Go together and pick flowers that represent the first letter of the names like for A BROOK garden I would plant

Blueberry bushes
Raspberry Bushes

This is a great way for learning about new plants and a special garden all of there own .

Here is a great little verse to say while planting your special plants.

A little seed for me to sow.
A little earth to make it grow.
A little hole, a little pat,
a little wish, and that is that.
A little sun, a little shower,
a little while, and then a flower.
~Sing Through the Seasons

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  1. I LOVE your ideas! I keep wanting to plant a beautiful butterfly garden but I havn't gotten around to it. I love your dinosaur garden and name garden ideas. You are inspiring me!


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