Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Candle at Bedtime

It's Simply Magical to us, the glow of the candle burning. Really there is nothing more peaceful and calming then when we say our nighttime blessing and light our candle. The warm glow that brightens the room and the wonderful smell of the beeswax burning. The kids love this time of day. I think we all cherish it. So calm and loving.

Our Night time blessing:

A star for you to wish on,
 A sun so warm and bright, 
 A moon for you to sleep on, 
 Happy dreams, 
 A kiss goodnight.

Do you have a night time blessing or prayer you say each night? 


  1. Candles are truly magical - my children love them at bedtime too (and breakfast and lunch and dinner and...)

    We also use a night-time blessing and my children will even say it if someone is looking after them and I am not there at bedtime.

  2. :) Yes they are Ninny and such a wonderful way to end the day...


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