Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Save Money on Waldorf items , Make your own .

Most people don't have a wood working shop where they can turn out items, A lot of items I have seen for sale on etsy can be purchased through Casey's wood products in Maine. They are a wonderful company.

Steiner talked about having simple toys , that were made from natural items mostly found in nature. All toys were handmade either as a gift for the child or with the child. This helps inspire children and bring out their creativity.

Sadly our world has turned into a place were people are always looking for profit. Look around online especially at the numerous places to buy Natural Waldorf items and most cost a lot even places like Etsy.

Save money , Have fun with your kiddos and make your own toys and inspire your child's mind  ;)

Wooden people

Wooden Acorns 

Make your own wooden mushrooms

Wooden eggs

Teething rings/Doll sling rings ( just add a coat of beeswax )

Wooden doll house items

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