Saturday, April 16, 2011

Silent day

Have you ever seen a Silent Movie? Until 1927 and the first commercially successful talkie "The Jazz Singer," almost all movies were silent. Silent movies aren't often shown anymore, but the silent movie stars are remembered and one especially-Charlie Chaplin. His movies are still enjoyed by those who love to laugh.

Charlie Chaplin, born on April 16, 1889 has charmed millions of people with his character called "The Tramp" or "The Little Fellow." People laughed and cried over "The Tramp's" misadventures and Charlie never had to say a word to communicate joy, humor, sorrow and tragedy to his audience.

Play "The Silent Game"

See how few words you can say today. Like Charlie Chaplin use your eyes, hands, expressions, body, to express yourself.

Sometimes you will have to speak. It is nice to be able to clear your mind and sit silent for a while.  Have fun and play with your friends :)

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