Thursday, April 14, 2011

Our Dreadlock Journey part two

So today is our one week anniversary for beginning our dreadlock journey. Each day I added a new dread to Brooklyn's hair and added a special piece of wool roving . I was really amazed to see how still Brooklyn would sit as I created each dread. No complaints or squirms at all and I could not believe it. As I dreaded each one I let her look through our basket of wool she would pick up a piece and match colors up that she wanted , would ask for my suggestions on color coordinating and what I thought would look best.

It was such a lovely way for us to spend time together. Chatting about life and this and that. I could tell it meant a lot to her and I can see how much it has transformed her as a person. She knows that I am okay with the choices she makes. She knows she can ask me what I think and I will give her my opinion and she will base hers off from that. Sometimes she would agree and other times she would say to me "Mom, I think I am going to go with these colors instead. I like them much better."

The are coming out nicely , they are a little fuzzy but she doesn't mind.

She is so happy and I am glad to see the smile on her face.

As for my dreads I still have my five and haven't had a chance to make any new ones. I know, I know ...But I had so much fun each day adding a new one to Brooklyn's hair that I didn't mind if I neglected mine for a bit.  The ones I have in are tightening up quite nicely though and I am happy with them. I have washed my hair once this week so far with a lovely apple cider vinegar rinse and my hair is feeling great.  Hopefully this weekend I can add a few more...

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