Monday, February 28, 2011

Barefoot Books - My Granny went to market!

Books, Books, Books! Our family is just in love with them. If we had the room we could have our own library that is how many books we own. Today we had fun going through boxes of books that were packed away. We had so much fun looking at them all. finding ones we hadn't read in a long time. Then we happen to stumble upon one of our favorite Barefoot Books called "My Granny went to Market " .


We Love Barefoot Books. They are so lively, colorful and heartfelt . The book " My Granny Went to Market" is a great way to introduce your child to countries all around the world. The book uses simple math concepts like counting while Granny buys all sorts of things at each stop on her way. The items that Granny buys are funny and silly and so engaging for all children!


Our favorite place she visits is Africa to wake the morning sun. The pictures in the book are all so vivid and engaging. It has simple rhymes that your child is sure to love.

So come ahead and fly away with Granny as she goes on a shopping trip around the world!

Where you can find this book:

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