Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Meditation Tuesdays

Most people do not think children are old enough for meditation but like yoga poses for kids, children’s meditation has a different approach than the adult practice. When disguised as a game, kids can easily learn to relax and become more aware of their bodies through meditation. Once you child is accustomed to meditation they will enjoy that time in there day and you can go further and deeper into meditating.

http://www.dailyyonder.com/files/u2/dy-indiana-wildflowers500.jpg Noticing my Body: Begin lying down flat. Try not to move at all. It is hard to do isn't it? First off, try to  make your body really heavy and be very still. Now we will start by just wiggling our finger and toes. Then stop and be still again. Next wiggle your arms and legs. Be nice and still between wiggling each body part. Then move up your body starting with your toes,your legs,your hips,your belly, your arms and wiggle your entire body. Then stop and be still again. Notice how your body feels when it is still.


Removing All Negative Energy:

First have a nice basket of beautiful smooth stones. Start the meditation either lying down or sitting up. Give each child their own flat stone to hold in their hand. Think of something that makes you sad, angry or worried. Imagine that thought as a bright white light coming from your head. Now take that white light and imagine it traveling down your neck through your arm and into the rock. Imagine that the rock is like a sponge absorbing all that negative light deeper an deeper into the rock. Now if you any other worries do the same for each one letting the rock soak them all up. Once all your worries have been absorbed open your eyes and look at your rock. Now take a big deep breath and blow it onto your rock making all your worries float away. Notice how your body feels now that all of your worries are gone.

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