Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Meditation Tuesdays

Ever notice how good it feels when a total stranger stops you and pays you a nice compliment? It can almost guarantee a smile. Rather than waiting for someone else to make you feel good, the same feeling can be achieved by performing a quick meditation with a positive affirmation.

To begin this meditation, get in a comfortable, meditation position, close your eyes and start to take deep, long, cleansing breaths.

If stressed out and wanting to feel more relaxed, try repeating the word relax. Even envision the word in your mind. With each breath you take, feel the calming energy come into your body while the tension goes out of your body each time you exhale. Repeat this any time of the day you wish to slow down.

There are many positive affirmations that can be used in meditation. Don't forget how special you are and you can remind yourself of that by meditating on, "I am special."

Call up the love you have and the love you give by stating, "I give love and I'm blessed to have love given to me." If looking for a more cosmic approach, try, "I am one with the universe and the universe is with me."

Here are some more try to meditate on these for at least 5 minutes a day.

I am surrounded by peace.
I am letting go.
All things in their right time.
I remember the truth of who I am

Source: A Guide to Meditation, Lorraine Turner, (Parragon Publishing,) 2002.

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