Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Meditation Tuesdays

Beginning Sitting Meditation for Kids 7 and up

Meditation is a time for quiet thoughts, and can be done sitting, walking, or lying down.

Meditation gives you a chance to think about how to get your projects done the best way you can. And, it is a way to spend some time thinking about ways to solve problems.

If you are having trouble getting along with someone, meditation is a time to think about a way to get along again.

If we meditate each day we will feel stronger and more connected to ourselves . We will be able to think more clearly and be able to make better decisions in our lives. It will align our Chakras making us more connected to the earth and balanced within.

Here's one way to meditate:

A Sitting Meditation

Time: 2 to 10 minutes.

Sit up straight, cross-legged if on the grass, or if you are indoors sit on a pillow on the floor, or on your bed, or in a chair. If you sit in a chair your feet can be on the floor in front of you. Hold your hands in your lap and close your eyes.

Begin to breathe easily and evenly, in and out. Silently count each breath in as one count, and each breath out as one count, till 20 counts, or another even number.

Example: Count 1 breathe in; count 2 breathe out; count 3 breathe in; count 4 breathe out.

Finish counting to 20 and continue to breathe evenly.

Next, think with appreciation about the people in your life, such as your family, friends, and teachers. Thinking good thoughts feels good and rests you mind and body. It gives you more energy.

Feeling more rested after spending time in appreciation is a good time to work out, in your mind, any problems with family, friends, or school.

After meditation write your new ideas. A notebook or journal just for your thoughts is handy.

To finish the meditation, take a deep breath in, and out. Stand up and stretch.

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