Friday, November 13, 2009

Some cool Homeschool links!

So I happen to be stumbling online and find all these great educations sites and wanted to share them with you all!



Fun Holiday Worksheets!
Handwriting Worksheets
Craft Ideas
How far is it?
How much is inside?
Fun First Grade worksheets
Fun Second grade worksheets
Fun Third Grade worksheets
Fun Fourth grade worksheets
Fun Fifth Grade worksheets
Multi Grade worksheets
Spelling worksheets
Free Lapbooks!
Free Unit Studies


U.S. Weights and Measures
Metric Weights and Measures
The International System (Metric)
Metric Conversions
Conversion of Miles to Kilometers and Kilometers to Miles
Measuring Motion
Measuring Power
Nautical Measurement
How Early Measures Made Their Mark
Miscellaneous Units of Measure
Origins of Measurements
Cooking Measurement Equivalents
Standard Measurements in Sports
Polygons: How Many Sides?


The Geometry of the Sphere

Projective Geometry ala Steiner
Circles and Spheres
Compass and Straightedge
Combinatorial Geometry
Covering and Packing
Doubling the Cube
Geometric Models
Geometric Topology
Geometry Lesson Plans
School-Bus Geometry

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  1. Great links thanks so much for taking the time to do this!!


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