Thursday, November 5, 2009

Just having fun .....

With paints that is! We had a blast painting this morning. I let the kids have at it with some festive fall colors and fill their page with beautiful paint. We are going to make some Turkeys out of there beautiful creations.

Here are some photos:

Then Gabe decided he wanted to go outdoors since the little ones were painting . He took this picture of himself:

Then we played some more Kaleb loves the Fire stacker:

It is a great way to start the day :) Kids always make me smile !

Here are a couple videos from today:

Kaleb Painting

Azeda painting:


  1. Very cute! I have that same USA map panel; I made it into a mini-quilt. An international map, too.

  2. We love our map blanket it is great on the back of it is the world map. It is great to watch the kids look at it and pretend they are sailing on the high seas!

  3. wow Kelly great pictures! keep up the great work you are wonder woman! love ya


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