Thursday, October 1, 2009

Teaching the importance of meditating

This is an exercise to teach your children how to still their minds and focus their attention, enhancing their self-confidence.
The meditation helps them to concentrate through visualization and expanding their creativity. Children also develop their inner calm, security, self-confidence, and self-awareness.

Try this meditation at bedtime, and your kid will sleep more relaxed. It will be a magical experience.

Sit or lie in a comfortable position and close your eyes.
When there is, something that, you think it is impossible for you to get in your life, or when you feel you need some magic to do something very special, and very unlikely to happen, ask for help to your Magic Friend.
Your Magic Friend is someone who lives in your heart. He is always with you. Only you can see him, and only you know who he is. And he is your special best Friend.
Who would you like to be as your best friend? Think of one person, one animal, a God or Goddess, some mystical entity, something or someone you feel as the most powerful being to help you to fulfill your dreams and overcome your fears.
Now, close your eyes and think of your magic friend… He is far away, in a place where only you know the path to get there. He is so special and magic as you need him to be. And now you would like to be with him a lot … So, you put yourself on your way there!
You leave your place and walk in the direction of the mountains. When you get there, look around, chose the tallest one to climb.

Start your way up to the top of the mountain. Climbing up and up you reach the top where you find the most beautiful rainbow you ever saw waiting for you.
You climb into it and it goes up, slowly … and gently…! You look back to the mountain, and it is getting far away, as the rainbow goes up.
Now, tell the rainbow where it should head, to your special place where your Magic Friend is waiting for you. Give it the instructions to get there, and enjoy your journey.
When the rainbow stops, you are at your special place. Look who is there waiting for you, smiling with his arms opened, willing to hug you, to cherish you. It is your Magic Friend … he is there, willing to help you to fulfil your wishes, to overcome your challenges.
Take your time… and remember you are there for a reason, so … Be you, with confidence, faith, and certainty. Be just you!
Talk to your Magic Friend, feel his friendship, notice the soft way he uses to talk to you, how he understands you.
You know, he is always there for you,
You know, he always helps you, to get successfully what you need,
You know, he is only yours friend,
You know, that is yours special place.

Stay there enjoying your friend and let your heart talk to him about what worries you.
When you feel it is time to come back thank him for his help, and tell him you will come back soon. Then, climb the rainbow again, and do your way back to the mountains. In the next moment, you are arriving in your room.
When you are ready, bring your awareness to your body and breathe deeply a couple of times, stretch your back and open your eyes.

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