Monday, July 20, 2009

Favorite Children's picture Books

Over the years I have collected so many beautiful picture books - that I would literally
need another website to list them all... But here are a few old and new favorites!

cover - "Shall I Knit You a Hat?"

Shall I Knit You a Hat? A Christmas Yarn

Maybe it’s the fact that the author, Kate Klise, and the illustrator, M. Sarah Klise, are sisters that makes the text and artwork

fit together so well in the children's Christmas picture book Shall I Knit You A Hat? A Christmas Yarn.

This tale of love, giving, and friendship centers on Mother Rabbit and Little Rabbit.

Grandmother's Song

Grandmother's Song

In the mountains of Mexico, a grandmother passes the seasons with her granddaughter. As the days and nights come and go,

grandmother quiets granddaughter's many fears as she sings and comforts her beloved grandchild in her strong, safe arms.

Grandmother awakens in granddaughter the courage, dignity, trust and skill that are her birthright, transforming her from a

fearful child to a confident, generous and considerate young woman.

The Boy who was Raised by Librarians: The Story

This picture book is about a boy whose life is enriched by his daily visits to the
Livingston Public Library and his relationship with the librarians there. Melvin first starts going to the library when
he's just a little boy. When he starts school, he begins to visit the library every day after school, eager to learn as
much as he can about everything.

The Three Snow Bears: The Story

The Three Snow Bears by Jan Brett is a delightful retelling of "Goldilocks and the Three Bears."
The picture book is set in the Arctic landscape and features a young Inuit girl named Aloo-ki.
Aloo-ki is looking for her sled dogs, who are adrift on an ice floe.

"I just wanted to share with everyone a sight I just rediscovered. It's,
they've scanned in as jpegs antique children's books, you can view the entire book page by page online
or you can download it as a zip file for free. Some of them have the most precious illustrations,
and the thing that struck me is how intelligent some of them are, they don't talk down to kids like today's books.
I will warn you, I came across a couple that reflected the prejudices of the time in which they were written, I did not download those,
but there are many that are beautiful and wonderful."


  1. Thank you so much for putting up a link to the children's books online site! What a great resource.

  2. you are welcome! I love that site!


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