Friday, June 26, 2009

Finding Your Local Family Fun!!!

Last summer, with the price of gas so high, we had to find local family fun much more often. Surprisingly enough, there are lots of fun things your family can do "close-to-home" that won't make you go very deep in your pockets, if-- at all.

As the school year comes to an end take a look at this list and start making plans for how to spend some family fun times with your kids. :)

  • Go Bowling--for free! Click here to see if your local bowling center is participating in this special summer program offering 2 free games a day with the purchase of a discounted family summertime pass.

  • Visit the Library. See if there is a free story time or summer reading program that encourages kids to read a certain amount of books. Don't forget, the library is an excellent sources for borrowing DVD's as well.

  • Call your local Historical Society. Lots of museums will offer special kids programs to foster art appreciation. Hands on learning even a "make-it-and-take-it" craft can sometimes be part of the fun.

  • See a performance at the Community Theatre. Live performance is wonderful and can be very affordable at your local community theatre. High School and College drama societies usually put on at least one performance a year as well. If there's a Childrens Theatre group it might inspire your kids to join up!

  • Roller Skating Rinks offer hours of fun and are a great place to meet up with friends. Ask if there are discounts during slow times, or special discounts for groups, or for kids with good grades.

  • Pack a picnic for a day at the park. My family loves the park and we're lucky that we live near a very nice lake city park as well as state parks. Packing a picnic lunch can be fast, easy and very inexpensive.

  • Head to your nearest Zoo or Aquarium. These are great places to find deep discounts on family or seasonal passes, especially if you live fairly close by and can visit often.Our local library has passes to the Aquarium for $2. If your kids are anything like mine, animals are always a hit! :)

In addition to these ideas for local family fun don't forget to check your community newspaper; your town's board of tourism; and the public relations office at City Hall for any upcoming fairs or festivals.

Finally, next time you drive past the local hotel stop in the lobby and look for the display rack full of pamphlets and brochures intended to familiarize guests with all the local attractions and happenings.

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